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Blood Gang Secret Codes


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The Blood Gang Secret Codes Free course provides learners with knowledge of the covert methods of communication used by gang members and inmates. The emphasis is on deciphering and code-cracking of real confiscated documents.

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Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize the covert methods of communication used by Blood gang members and inmates in correctional facilities and in other situations where secret communication is used
  • Analyze and practice code-cracking of actual confiscated documents
  • Recognize patterns that help to decode documents and develop an appreciation for the ingenuity of criminals to hide their messages
  • Identify symbols, colors, hand signs, and tattoos used by Blood gangs and inmates
  • Develop an awareness of the common methods used by Blood gangs and inmates to communicate covertly
  • Identify specific Blood gang identifiers
  • Become familiar with the Blood gang belief system, and
  • Familiarize yourself with real-life examples of deciphered Blood gang documents
Refund Policy
We do not provide refunds, however if you have not signed into the course we will provide a credit for another course.

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