SWIFT has developed EnergyAI, a service that offers organizations a valuable tool for various applications. creating compelling content, generating presentation materials, 

EnergyAI is already trained and fine-tuned from disparate data sources that SWIFT has amassed from various energy sector data centers over the years. Built on infrastructure with monitoring and pipelines consistently feeding new productized models and new open source LLM architectures, EnergyAI is always accurate and up to date. It can reference real-time current legislative documents and events to answer questions, a feature ChatGPT is not capable of.

EnergyAI is currently available for many energy domain use cases, however, it can be further fine-tuned for organizations using private data and documents to meet your needs. SWIFT implements a client-specific Extract Transform and Load (ETL) pipeline to transform varying and scattered documents, data, and other sources into AI friendly data formats (such as JSON files).

Custom Corporate EnergyAI

If your organization is eager to implement AI into your business to boost productivity and handle todays pressing digital age challenges securely, EnergyAI is the solution. We can privately deploy any open source LLM with fine tuning from an ETL pipeline specific to your organizations needs. It will be designed to predict and generate energy sector domain specific features and institutional knowledge fed from documents and other sources proprietary to the service offered by EnergyAI.

EnergyAI features that can be implemented include:

  • Upload documents such as CSVs, pdfs for data analytics and text summarization
  • Document query and question answering
  • Energy education, knowledge, and skills development
  • Energy industry knowledge prompting
  • Infographic generation
  • Table and data visualization generation
  • Social media content generation
  • English and French translation for legislation projects

If you would like to demo it, contact us today!

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