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SAHARA was one of the most exciting new programs SWIFT Learning launched for youth through the SiS Foundation of Canada. What started as a hazard risk app designed to educate youth about how to recognize hazards in the workplace has become a game changing technology that takes a novel and proactive approach to how we assess hazards on the job and in our daily lives.

We know that the highest rates of incidents in the workplace are between the ages of 18 and 24. Teachers are able to set up their students in over 70 industry-recognized courses including the SAHARA courses linked to the app. Students can download the free SAHARA App from the Google and Apple stores and begin learning about physical hazards in the workplace and how their mental health is a critical factor that impacts their safety!

The first version we launched was for the service hospitality and tourism industry where most young people get their first jobs. Teachers can register their students from the teacher dashboard.

SAHARA educates students about hazards they might not have considered or identified as a risk. If they notice a potential hazard not listed they can add a custom hazard. Then a personal wellness self-assessment is presented eliminating a third party evaluator. Their answers are confidential so they are more likely to provide honest responses.

Their hazards and personal wellness self-assessment are combined to calculate their Risk Level which is unique to SAHARA. Their Risk Level is assessed as low, medium, or high and personalized recommendations are provided including mobile eLearning courses they can link to that directly relate to their job, selected hazards, and, most importantly, their mental health.

SAHARA will empower young people to recognize how their mental health impacts the decisions that they make and, how that directly correlates to increasing their risk of sustaining an injury or, a dangerous situation in the workplace.

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