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4 Service Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The service hospitality and tourism industry, where most young people get their first jobs, is the first of many planned vertical industries we are developing for SAHARA. We have launched the SAHARA 4 Youth free version into schools through the SiS Foundation. The SiS Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been delivering health, safety, environment, mental health, and well-being programs free to high school students since 2011. SiS is currently in over 350 partner schools and expanding across Canada. 

Each vertical industry includes includes an industry specific course . If they spot a potential hazard not listed they can add a custom hazard. 

Under the industry they select their work environment and then click on each hazard category and select the hazards. Then a personal wellness self-assessment is presented. Their answers are confidential so they are more likely to provide honest responses.

Once they click ‘submit’ their Risk Level is assessed as low, medium, or high and personalized recommendations are provided including mobile eLearning courses they can link to that directly relate to their job, selected hazards, and their mental health.

SAHARA will empower students to  recognize potential hazards as well as the link between their mental health and mindset and how that directly correlates to increasing their risk of injury in the workplace.

Register your students in the SAHARA 4 the Service Hospitality Industry course and have them download the App from Google Play or the Apple Store and you are ready to help your youth stay safe at work!

Available on iOS or Android

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