SWIFT AI is Large Language Model (LLM) that references empirical and non-empirical data (a corpus) to provide source citation for AI generated content in three vertical corpuses: Energy, Politics, and Economics/Policy.

SWIFT AI Features and Benefits 

SWIFT AI offers three plans: Personal, Personal Premium, and Enterprise.

All SWIFT AI plans offer three main feature chats: Free Chat (no sources), Cited Chat (with corpus sources), and Web Chat (with sources from the web). These features and benefits include:

Cited Sources (Cited Chat)

This unique feature offered in all our plans allows SWIFT AI to generate accurate, sophisticated responses by referencing a corpus to provide source citations with every Cited Chat response. You can choose to have Cited Chat in any of the SWIFT AI corpuses.

With Personal Premium and Enterprise plans, we will work with you to create a corpus using your proprietary data. Your corpus can also be combined with any of the SWIFT AI corpuses, and/or from other external data sources e.g. Internet, third parties, etc.

Web Search (Web Chat)

This unique feature allows SWIFT AI to generate responses and analysis using current and up-to-date information from the web – this is great for research and other related tasks. We can also configure SWIFT AI to use only the web sources you identify. You can also leverage a custom AI Assistant to add this research data into your corpus.

Data Security

You can leverage SWIFT AI within your network and work environment so that your data and chats are secure. Your proprietary data can be stored locally or regionally so it is never exposed to, or inadvertently sent to, third parties or external Internet service providers.

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Personal Premium and Enterprise Custom Service:

AI Assistants

An end-to-end AI service can be integrated into your work environment and workflow with access to your third party tools and accounts to conduct hyper specific tasks. This service offers synthesized analysis such as pulling data from your database and minutes from yesterday’s meeting to answer a question requiring knowledge from both sources when chatting with the AI.

SWIFT AI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities can conduct a wide variety of AI tasks to build custom AI Assistants. For example, a Public Relations AI Assistant can be deployed to monitor thousands of social media accounts and sites to identify common misconceptions, sentiment analysis, and to detect emotional manipulation. We tie in your social media accounts so you can now generate automated, appropriate, and factual responses with an understanding of the bias online at scale.

Another example is a Research AI Assistant. Imagine an AI Assistant that can find and process thousands of pages of text from selected sources, summarize pertinent information, and generate research reports complete with citations!

Tell us what you need and we can create it. If you have already integrated ChatGPT into your workflow no problem! We have created a tech stack that allows you to directly replace every ChatGPT call into SWIFT AI without changing any of your code. It’s plug and play.

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SWIFT AI Pricing

Free Trial

  • Unlimited access to SWIFT AI Personal for one week!

Personal Plan

Everything you need to take your productivity to levels you’ve never seen or imagined including Cited Chat, Web Chat, and Free Chat!

  • Prompt & query the SWIFT AI Cited Chat in any of the three main corpuses, Web Chat and Free Chat
  • Upload your documents and chat with them to get in-time AI analysis and outputs
  • Classify documents (identify legal, author, type, etc.) and extract key data from these documents to conduct real time AI analytics and document queries
  • Language translation and content generation in English, French, and Spanish. 
  • Generate new content such as text summaries, new documents, social media content, etc.
  • Generate unbiased energy and politically based content without requiring advanced prompting


Personal Premium Plan

In addition to all the features in the Personal Plan, the Premium Plan includes your own dedicated workspace and corpus. You can include citations from trusted sources along with custom AI Assistants connected to third parties tools etc.  

$300.00/month plus $300.00 Set Up Fee

Enterprise Plan

SWIFT AI can generate outputs based on your organization’s brand and policies such as tone, emotional intensity, level of factuality vs subjectivity, and humor. Every output can include a citation of the source document so it is irrefutable. In addition to this customization, SWIFT AI can be fine-tuned to hyper-specific tasks within your organization’s context and work environment.

We work with you to integrate end-to-end SWIFT AI into your work environment and workflow to conduct a myriad of tasks quicker and more efficiently. If you have already integrated ChatGPT we can replace every call without changing any of your code – it’s plug and play.

The Enterprise version includes all the features in Personal Premium and can include any of the following additional features:

  • An end-to-end AI Assistants custom to your workflow and your data and conduct automated tasks within your work environment at scale
  • AI Assistant services for workflow automation such as automating emails, transcribing audio to text, generating internal weekly reports, etc.
  • Custom role and themed AI Assistants such as PR Assistants, Research, Translation, etc. that can be trained and curated to your company brand and style of content output
  • Connect custom AI Assistants to your network of clients and users to conduct tasks with third parties
  • Access AI provided while keeping your data locally or regionally stored without exposing it over the internet or other jurisdictions including other countries
  • Access any data shared by other SWIFT AI enterprise clients and users. Link your custom AI assistants to the large corpus of data shared by the network
  • Custom integration to other software and third-party accounts

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Future Releases are Coming Soon!

  • Add captions to image and video
  • Generate visualizations, and infographics
  • Additional image to text and text to image capabilities
  • Convert document formats such as image-to-pdf, image-to-csv, csv-to-pdf, etc.
  • Other tools and features based on your feedback, send us your wish list!

Availability and pricing subject to change without notice.

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