‘The disproportion in youth mental health issues is particularly alarming’

Originally published on June 30, 2022 on Canadian Occupational Safety website. Below is an excerpt from “How one app is tackling youth mental health and workplace hazards to reduce accidents” by Kim Adolphe.

What are the core concepts of mental health? That’s exactly what a study (Manwell LA, 2015) was commissioned to answer but concluded with no consensus and more research required. What there is a consensus on, is that the copious studies and poll results are all “depressing,” especially when it comes to youth mental health.

One widely accepted mental health definition is “the psychological state we are functioning at emotionally, behaviorally, and physically to adequately cope with the normal stresses of day-to-day life and realize our full potential.”

Whatever definition you choose, there is no question that our mental health impacts the decisions we make which, in turn, impacts every aspect of our lives.

The disproportion in youth mental health issues is particularly alarming. One recent survey (Poll, 2022) found that 33.3 per cent of respondents between 18 to 34 sought help for their mental health during the pandemic, compared to 19.5 per cent between 35 to 54 and 5.9 per cent 55 and older. Those are the respondents who admitted they sought help for their mental health. How many did not?

This disproportion, which could be attributed to more young people coming forward, is a troubling trend that began long before COVID. The advent of the internet introduced a myriad of mental health related issues, including self esteem, sleeping disorders, cyber bullying, gaming addiction, and social interaction. It cultivated isolation and a decrease in physical activity further exacerbated when governments mandated isolating and shutting down schools, gyms, and sports.

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The SiS Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been delivering health, safety, environment, mental health, and well-being programs free to high school students since 2011. SiS is currently in over 370 partner schools and expanding across Canada.  

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Kim Adolphe is the CEO and founder of safety organization SWIFT Learning and co-founder and chairman of the SiS Foundation of Canada.

To read the full article: https://www.thesafetymag.com/ca/topics/technology/how-one-app-is-tackling-youth-mental-health-and-workplace-hazards-to-reduce-accidents/411523

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