SWIFT Partnership to deliver “Gang & Inmate Secret Codes” Certification

SWIFT Learning Inc.  proudly announced a new SWIFT Partner today, Mr. Gary Klivans, a renowned expert in gang and inmate secret code deciphering. A prolific writer on the subject, Mr. Klivans is the author of the book “Gang Secret Codes: Deciphered,” Police and Fire Publishing, Santa Ana, CA. as well as countless gang related articles published in American Jails Magazine, Sheriff Magazine, and Deputy & Court Officer Magazine. He has been a Guest Lecturer for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Office of State and Local. He has also been an Adjunct Instructor for St. Petersburg College, Florida, lecturing for the federally funded Multijurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force Training (MCTFT) program.

Captain Klivans was employed in law enforcement for 30 years. He was employed as a Correction Officer (Peace Officer) by the Westchester County (NY) Department of Correction for 20 years, and retired with the rank of Captain. He was previously employed for nearly 10 years as a District Attorney Investigator (Police Officer) serving in the New York State counties of Westchester and Putnam.

Mr. Klivans served in the US Army Reserve for 30 years assigned to Military Intelligence and the Criminal Investigation Command (CID) (Federal Agent). He retired with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer (CW4).

Gary has developed an online certification program consisting of five courses on Deciphering Gang/Inmate Secret Codes. Each course provides learners with knowledge of the covert methods of communication used by gang members and inmates. The emphasis is on deciphering and code-cracking of real confiscated documents. These online courses are designed using plain language, audio, actual pictures and documents, interactive exercises, and questions to test your understanding and they’re accessible from any device when and where you need it!

Gary stated that, “I am not a computer expert and knew nothing about creating an online course much less making it available on all platforms and operating systems. In December I began working with the folks at SWIFT Learning and using SWIFT Author. After the initial hand holding with the first course, I very quickly created the next four. What really impressed me was their support and review process to ensure a high standard of quality.”

Kim Adolphe, founder and CEO stated that, “If you’re a fan of Dan Brown books, you’ll find Gary’s courses fascinating and a real eye opener into the clandestine world of gangs  and inmates. We are continuing to attract highly respected Subject Matter Experts like Gary, to develop high quality, competency-based mobile learning in a fraction of the time to develop something comparable using other tools.”

About SWIFT Learning Inc.

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