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5. Modelling Business Processes


The BCS Foundation certificate in business analysis consists of eight courses available in this series:

  • Introduction to Business Analysis (BA)
  • Strategy Analysis
  • BA Process model and Investigation Techniques
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  • Modelling Business Processes
  • Defining the Solution and Making the Business Case
  • Defining the Requirements
  • Delivering the Solution

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Course 5: Modelling Business Processes

In course 5 we explores how business processes underpin the value proposition of the organization, how they are modelled and mapped to value streams for the delivery of specific products and services, and how they can analyzed through process modelling techniques such as Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) in order to identify improvement opportunities that will move the process from an ‘as is’ state, to a ‘to be’ state.



Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the functional, organizational and process views of the organization
  • Discuss the process mapping to understand key inputs, outputs and process activities
  • Determine how the value proposition and how business processes contribute to creating customer value (Porter’s value chain)
  • Explain value stream analysis where activities across the value chain are configured to creating value in the form of specific products and services
  • Business process modelling (through modelling techniques such as BPMN)
  • Analyze process tasks (as is model) and potential problem areas
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