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6. Defining the Solution and Making the Business Case


The BCS Foundation certificate in business analysis consists of eight courses available in this series:

  • Introduction to Business Analysis (BA)
  • Strategy Analysis
  • BA Process model and Investigation Techniques
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  • Modelling Business Processes
  • Defining the Solution and Making the Business Case
  • Defining the Requirements
  • Delivering the Solution

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Course 6: Defining the Solution and Making the Business Case

In course 6 we examine the technique of gap analysis and how options are evaluated in order to close the gap between an ‘as is’ state and a desired ‘to be’ state. We look at how the business architecture forms a vital backdrop to this analysis and how the POPIT model provides a comprehensive framework against which the analysis of options can be carried out.

The course also considers the structure and content of the business case, and financial appraisal techniques which are important to a cost benefit analysis of each option and recommended solution.



Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand gap analysis
  • Define and structure of business architecture
  • Utilise techniques in developing of the business architecture
  • Identify options
  • Structure a business case
  • Assesses project feasibility
  • Present business cases
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