The Energy Career Literacy Program Continues to Garner Excitement and Support

The Energy Career Literacy Program continues to garner excitement and support as SWIFT Learning and the SiS Foundation secure more funding. With ongoing support from the Alberta Enterprise Group, Modern Miracle Network was the first to step up to fund this project, The Stream-Flo Group of Companies have followed suit and announced their proud support of this crucial education initiative, providing detailed and factual information about the energy industry delivered free to high school students in the province of Alberta, and beyond.

Stream-Flo Industries, Master Flo Valve, and Dycor Technologies are jointly contributing $50,000 towards the Energy Literacy Program, developed in partnership with SWIFT Learning and the SiS (Safety in Schools) Foundation. Aligned with the Alberta Education Career and Life Management (CALM) curriculum, the Energy Literacy Program will educate youth about how things are made and used in their everyday lives, incredible innovations, foster pride and raise awareness about careers in the energy industry. An Energy Hub will be created for students interested in learning more, connecting with mentors, and prospective employers.

Educating youth about the energy industry is vitally important for all of humanity” said Mark McNeil, President, and CEO of the Stream-Flo Group of Companies. “I can not think of a more effective way to underline the importance, value, and career opportunities the energy industry provides than to ensure our youth have access to this information and to the people who work in energy”.

SWIFT and SiS have also received commitment to participate as mentors in the Energy Hub from Brad Hayes, Deidre Macht, Aleta Brooke, and Doug Cuthbertson.

If you are interested in funding or mentoring, please contact us to learn more.

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