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Black Gangster Disciple & Crips Gang


All five courses in the Gang & Inmate Secret Codes certification are designed to provide law enforcement officers, criminal justice students and workers, or anyone interested in the secret world of gang members and inmates with the knowledge of the covert methods of communication in correctional facilities and in other situations where secret communication is used. If you’re a fan of Dan Brown books, you’ll find Gary’s courses fascinating and a real eye opener into the clandestine world of gangs. The emphasis is on deciphering and code-cracking of real confiscated documents. The courses are designed using plain language, actual pictures and documents, exercises, and questions to test your understanding.


In this course Gary talks about providing his expertise for the New York City Police Department (NYPD) to decipher a 15 page encoded document that was confiscated by a correctional facility.


This course is a two-hour online course.



Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Examine the confiscated documents closely to find key words and become familiar with types of symbols or marks that can be a tool to decipher a coded message
  • Recognize hidden clues to decoding confiscated documents
  • Identify the Folk Nation, Black Gangster Disciple (BGD) and Crips gang symbols
  • Examine a confiscated sample for gang identifiers and use close observation to determine how to decipher it
  • Explain Crips gang identifiers, history and belief system
  • Identify symbols used by the Black Gangster Disciples gang and the Crips gang by examining a Black Gangster Disciples document confiscated in Virginia and a Crips document confiscated in Florida
  • Identify Black Gangster Disciple and Crips gang symbols and understand some of their history and belief system
  • Identify symbol patterns, similar symbols and belief system identifiers, and
  • Decipher a coded document from these groups
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We do not provide refunds, however if you have not signed into the course we will provide a credit for another course.

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