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Tragedy at the Quarry


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Tragedy at the Quarry, introduces students to common hazards, injuries and fatalities in the gravel crushing industry and how to mitigate those risks, with a significant focus on the importance of equipment guarding and training.

This course centres on the case study of a real-life fatality that serves as a tragic reminder of the severity of impact when something goes wrong in this kind of industry.

You will see filmed interviews with the mother of a 15-year-old worker killed on an Alberta gravel crushing site as well as the owner of the company at which the fatality occurred.

Tragedy at the Quarry is as a free training resource for students across Alberta.

Developed by our new SME, Sara Rooseboom from Safety in Schools.

Thank You to:
The Government of Alberta – Occupational Health and Safety, The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA),
The Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA), The Alberta Roadbuilders Association & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA)
The Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada, Dynacor Media, BURNCO

With a special thank you to all interview participants:
Nicole Sutherland – Chris’s Mother
Darryl Wiebe – Arjon Construction (Owner)


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Who’s in the Industry
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Injuries and Fatalities
  • Understanding Vulnerability
  • Common Hazards
  • Assessing Hazards
  •  Controlling Hazards
  • The Safety Cycle
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Importance of Guarding
  • Responsible Workplaces
  • Video Case Study
  • Hindsight 20/20
  • Key Lessons
Refund Policy
We do not provide refunds, however if you have not signed into the course we will provide a credit for another course.

Any questions please contact us.