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Inlet Separation and Gas Filtration


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This FREE course will introduce you to Inlet Separation and Gas Filtration systems. It describes the purpose of inlet separation and filtration, the various equipment types, and the instrumentation used to monitor and control these systems.

We have also included simulations to better explain the processes in a simple and engaging manner.

Throughout the course, there will be assessments in the form of Multiple Choice questions, Matching questions, or True/False questions.

This is a two-hour online course.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of gas inlet stream liquid separation and filtration
  • Describe process controllers used for both these processes
  • Describe the various types of inlet separators and filters used in the natural gas industry
  • Describe internal components of typical separators and filters
  • Understand how filter media is used to separate contaminants from the gas stream
  • Be aware of the general steps required for safely changing filter elements
Refund Policy
We do not provide refunds, however if you have not signed into the course we will provide a credit for another course.

Any questions please contact us.