Ladder Safety Training


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Ladders are used in a wide variety of tasks both at the work site and at home. There are many different types of ladders in use and this course will focus on those most utilized at the work site. It is easy to forget that there can be real and significant hazards associated with ladder use therefore it is important that all workers and employers understand what those hazards are and how to avoid them. Safe work practices will be presented in this course that you can use to control the hazards associated with ladder use. This course has been designed to help you meet all regulatory and government requirements including the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code.


This is a one-hour online course.



Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the legislative requirements surrounding ladder use and safety
  • Describe general rules for safe ladder use
  • Identify the different types of ladders
  • Describe safe work practices for the different types of ladders you will encounter
  • Identify some causes of injuries that result from improper ladder usage
  • Describe proper ladder positioning techniques